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  • Hair color: 
  • Height: 
  • Boobos: 
  • Romania 
  • 28 Years old 
  • Black 
  • 160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches  
  • Natural boobs 

"Abelia is a Romanian girl born in 1990 and you could swear she was born in this industry. Her body is to dream of and her long legs hide a treasure between them that we can guarantee will satisfy any sexual need for you. She loves her job as a model and always amazes us with her work. Stay tuned for more Abelia porn updates soon."

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Filled Pussies

Filled Pussies

Two amazing juicy brunettes taking care of your libido is God`s greatest gift. Amelia have dream breasts to wiggle whit and Melanie is a great kisser. They give me both time to enjoy every little step of what they have to offer. Nice intense fuck, lovely sex adventure without ...

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Big Boobs Mini Slut

Big Boobs Mini Slut

These perfect boobs are subject of squeezing and all other actions that hurt them. Her little cute ass is funny under the wiggle waggle from the whip and bare hand spanking. Of course hot wax lets her suffer until she is weak enough to be abused at maximum level. ...